Epic! i love you to the moon and back the distance of the moon to earth km. If we ride a spacecraft we need a maintaining speed of. Kmhr speed dt, hrs hrs mathematically speaking you will only love me for 19 hours.
A good friend will be there to calm you down when you are mad, but a best friend will be holding a shovel asking, do you think the hole is deep enough?.
Interviewer: so what have you planned for the future? me: lunch interviewer: no, like long term. Me: oh... Dinner.
That moment when someone calls me lazy.
A wine please miss, this is mcdonald's ok, a mc wine, please.
Write a number that is less than. How do you know your number is less than chapter resources because i am smart i love it! give this kid a medal!
I hate when some website asks me are you human.? no, i'm mango.
People my age vs me.
Rock! rock! few moments later... What? wha aat?.
I have reached an age where happy hour is a nap.
Life is short! adopt a dog, adopt another dog, then adopt a third dog, maybe that one needs a buddy, grab one more just in case.
This could be us but i can't pause right now.
Age 16 to 26 the age where you meet a lot of temporary people, who gives us permanent pain.
What does idk mean all books google what does idk mean results in english shopping i don't know images google is useless.
Do you ever eat so much you feel like you're going to die but then keep eating.
I hope all of the 6 people i like in the world had a great day today.
Smart, Smarter, Smartest...
She blocked me, i called her, i begged her to unblock me, she unblocked me, now i blocked her ego satisfied.
Dear girls, instead of being a princess or an angel better you be a warrior and fighter to protect and defend yourself.
Students in school assembly:.