Just because i am up at the butt crack of dawn on a saturday does not mean i am ready to do things.
Think you're going crazy? great! when you get there look me up and i'll show you around!.
This image is a doodle on a lined piece of paper
Finally, found them!.
Had a dream i was king i woke still king.
Is it just me or does orange juice taste funny without champagne in it?.
When you're at work and everyone is in a good mood and energetic and you're just sitting there looking at them like:.
Me to myself i am from future. Please start studying.
Maybe i ain't meant for nobody. My soul mate probably a piece a chicken.
Others favorite professor. My favorite professor.
Is there such a thing as a day without bullshit?.
Love is in the air
Aiming he left school steve jobs he left school mark zuckerberg he left school bill gates if i left school.
We do not have wi-fi... Talk to each other pretend its 1995.
I am so lucky people can't hear what i am thinking.
It's been a long week me in the middle of monday.
Trainer: what are your diet and exercise goals? me: to do them.
No complaints from grandpa.
My talent: not sleeping at night.
I figured out you don't actually have to assemble these things.