When your crush updates her relationship status on facebook in a relationship.
Me: i can't drink any more of this beer other me: there are sober children in africa, finish it.
Probably the only lillian who was loved more than the hero i find your lack of knowledge disturbing.
I don't care what you think of me i was not born to impress you.
Hey perfectionists this is 98 degeree angle. Have a good day!.
At some point your dad went out to look for some hoes and one of them was your mom.
Me one night before exam.
Today's mood: cranky with a touch of psycho.
No airbags we die like real man.
How i feel when i skip class: i should have gone to class how i feel when i go to class: i should have stayed home.
That proud moment in school. When the teacher asks you to erase the board.
World's the smallest dog.
The most dangerous game to play is resting your eyes in the morning after shutting off your alarm.
Me my sister fighting how i see myself how my sister sees herself how mom sees us!.
There's one in every crowd!.
A meme that describes a diffrence between a proffessor
This is god giving you second chance i love you
I will be positive today
Tag that friend who can sleep anywhere, anytime, anytime.
Ever think about the shady places you have been to, and all the crazy shit you did for fun and wonder how the hell are you still alive?.