When the remote is not working.
Thanks for the sign i was about to jump into the toilet.
Which color is red? green vs red. When the teacher doesn't want you to pass!.
Stay here one month no internet no phone for 100k... Could you do it?.
I am seriously concerned about how my friends are going to behave at my wedding some day.
Whenever i'm feeling fat, i try not to stress about it and just keep my chins up.
Uh childhood lame if nvr do this ah sip it like liquor shot. Kids who did this shit back in the day are alcoholics now.
Back in my day this meant get yo ass home now.
Me in the mirror vs me in photos.
When your mom chooses your haircut.
Show of hands..... Who's a little bit crazy in here?.
When you see it.
My hobbies include staying up until 2 am for no reason and being exhausted the next day.
This is namibia, where desert meets ocean.
Just because he dated you for years it doesn't mean he will marry you. My uncle studied medicine for years he's now a dj.
Crunchy potato bites. They're called tater motherfucking tots you uncultured swine.
Why does star wars go 456123? because in charge yoda was.
An instrument which has ability to hide itself when we need it.
Me answering questions multiple choice in the exam:.
Math teacher entering the classroom