This is namibia, where desert meets ocean.
The man who made the whole world laugh without saying a single word.
Perspective is everything.
When i yell at my dog to stop barking, i wonder if he's like this is awesome! were barking together!.
If you know this family your childhood was awesome.
If you ever did this click de click your childhood was awesome.
A photo of a piece of paper pinned to a cork board with a green push pin. The paper has text written in black ink in a mix of numbers and letters
The nigerian actor who has given us countless memes due to a rare condition, he is just in 4'3 height still nothing has stopped him from becoming an actor.
Gulf of alaska where two oceans meet, but never mix.
The guy with no haters.
If you remember this guy, your childhood was awesome.
If you know who this is, your childhood was awesome.
If you remember this, your childhood was awesome!.
Creativity level: awesome!.
The difference a day can make for a rescue dog.
If you remember this car, your childhood was awesome.