No airbags we die like real man.
If you can't fix it, at least be creative:.
I want a girl who likes long romantic walks. Because i don't have a car!.
My brain every time i see one of these on the freeway
Potholes ahead remove dentures tighten bra straps.
Every men expression when a woman is driving.
When you pass somebody to see if they look as stupid as they drive.
I don't care that its photoshopped... I want one!.
This is what happens pet when you fart in a smart car.
In canada, they use special stickers to slow the car peels, in my country  we use the 3d techniques.
Me my best friend after 10 years, tag your best friend.
Google maps: arrival time 5:46 me reaching at 5:43.
I've been putting my sunglasses in their like a dipshit.
If you are trying to impress me with your truck, it better be a food truck.
Don't judge a man by his house.
I dont need to be stupid rich i just want to be change my oil when im supposed to rich.
Problem solved! no need of petrol now. Magnet.
What in the mulletville hell is this.
Pulls up to pump me: okay bet pump me: looks back while walking to ensure i am at pump me: slides money cashier: which pump? me:.
Test your airbag here when truck driver has a sense of humor.