Me in the mirror vs me in photos.
Me answering questions multiple choice in the exam:.
12 yearold kids suffering for love me at that age i wanted to be a supersaiyajin.
My coworker said, i can't find you on facebook. I said, i found you first and blocked you.
Friend: be ready i'm almost outside me: hasn't even showered don't even know what to wear low key forgot i agreed to go out phone on 18 battery.
Pressing play on netflix with a full plate of food finally, inner peace.
An amusing illustration titled “Gentlemon” featuring four Pokemon characters - Charmander
My dog trying to convince me to give him a bite of my food.
When you are at work and a customer starts yelling at you, but you can't do anything because the customers always right.
Life is short! actually, my height too.
When you finally find the person who ruins your life.
Youtube video youtube ad.
Many cartoons may come and go but nothing can match the level of tom and jerry.
Me trying to excel in my career, maintain a social life, drink enough water, exercise, text everyone back, stay sane, survive and be happy.
My contribution in group projects be like: me.
Girls after rejecting 86 guys. Nobody loves me.
Saying do i smell popcorn right after you fart, so everybody takes a deep breath. That's the evilest thing i can imagine.
My talent. Getting tired without doing nothing.
Welcome to heaven To enter, you must be forgiven by everyone you killed. Well i never killed anyone, so...  Video games included.
When i use my moms phone.