When you're deciding whether to drive to work or across the country to start a new life...
Youtube video youtube ad.
On my birthday the surprise i get vs the surprise i want.
This is an image of a world map with a continuous red line drawn over it
When you're about to say something but then decide it's not worth the effort.
My friends' cat dressed as daryl from the walking dead.
Hows the diet going? fuck you.
The purest love in the world is the one between grumpy dads and the pet they said they didn't want.
I will be amused after my coffee.
When you're full then someone brings out a cake.
Setting an alarm for 7am at 3am.
Another wild saturday night.
Here's a kitten dressed as a bat to brighten up your day.
Me anytime my pet falls asleep in a cute position.
When you get out the shower and sit on the bed for ages trying to find the energy to get dressed.
When you're looking for the remote and touch something weird between the cushions.
When you are at a party with people you don't know... And your friend disappears.
Me at work: i can't wait to get home and be super productive me when i get home:.
When someone feeds me.
I have no idea what is happening in this picture, but i am completely okay with that.