Did i make your childhood memories fun?.
Back in my day this meant get yo ass home now.
Uh childhood lame if nvr do this ah sip it like liquor shot. Kids who did this shit back in the day are alcoholics now.
Growing up... We didnt have lettuce... We had chips!.
Today: a 9 year old is happy when offered the latest iphone. Then: me, at 9 years old, i was happy to have this pen.
If you remember this car, your childhood was awesome.
My parents had a tv like this I remember because i was the remote.
What being sick looked like as a kid in the 80s.
If you know what this is...you are old.
7 Year old kids now me, when i was 7 year old.
7-year-old kids today: iphones, ipads, airpods me when i was 7:.
Me watching power rangers: 6 year old me: i am the red one!.
If you ever did this click de click your childhood was awesome.
Getting the nintendo entertainment system one of the best days of your life.
If you know who this is, your childhood was awesome.
Erasing blackboard was a proud moment during childhood.
Do you remember? shelling peas with the grandparents.
Older siblings creating trust issues since forever.
As kids, we all turned into mechanics when this happened.