Which color is red? green vs red. When the teacher doesn't want you to pass!.
Me answering questions multiple choice in the exam:.
Why are you late? Heavy traffic. Is that my fault? Did i blame you.
This was found in the college library can i turn in a paper without citing all sources? no.1 william shakespeare, hamlet, act iii, scene i, line 96.
One day before the exams i become the most religious person on the earth.
My contribution in group projects be like: me.
How's studying going?
Teacher me waiting to ask my teacher something another teacher.
When you see back to school commercials but you're already graduated.
2000 Years ago vs today.
When you prove your teacher wrong.
Me after studying for minutes knowledge is power.
Me in math exam ... HELP!!!.
If you're already late. Take your time. You can't be late twice.
When you're weak in chemistry but you don't want to fail.
Respect your parents they passed school without google.
Fuck this shit just kidding max i need to pass.
Straight to the face will you become john cena by going to gym? give me money for the gym! am i becoming einstein by going to school?.
How to do math: step one: write down the problem step two: cry.
Teacher: you have 5 minutes to copy everything from the white board. 21St century students.