This image is a doodle on a lined piece of paper
Pablo escobar took this picture in front of the white house while the us government was looking for him but you're still scared to text your crush?
I love my girlfriend but she doesn't know that she's my girlfriend.
Don't get me anything for christmas you're all i need. It's a trap!
A plane is flying over the ocean with the caption " me * my crush me * crush in a relationship ".
When your crush says were just friends.
Jr her online today hey you want to go to dinner with me? sorry i have a boyfriend bff ... Is he hungry too?.
Me trying to flirt hey how are you? good, how are you doing? good, thanks and you? hey good thanks good and you? good.
Me my crush and her friends the message i sent.
A screenshot of a humorous text message conversation on a white background. The first message suggests that the number of 'y’s in ‘hey’ indicates how much someone likes you. The second message humorously overemphasizes this by responding with a ‘hey’ that includes an excessive number of 'y’s. The final message simply reads ‘Oh.’
When your shy friend finally gets a chance to sit beside his crush, and you look at him like.
When your crush looks at you for 3 seconds. Don't do that. Don't give me hope.
Jessica hi jessica jessica jessica read 14:19 do i know you? 14:19 jessica how are you? 14:20 hi, i am jessica 14:21 jessica read 14:20 nice to meet you!! 14:21 read 14:21 jessica what is your name? 14:21 i am rich no, rich is my name sorry, i don't talk to boys 14:22.
A man who cooks is attractive. A man who does the dishes is irresistible.
Him: i bet you look beautiful when you wake up me:.
Some of the hottest things in the world
When your friends force you to talk to your crush.
Newton: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Me to my crush: i love you. Gets blocked me to newton:.
What's your name? i'm mrs. Whateveryourlastnameis.
This is god giving you second chance i love you