Meet lulu the saddest cat in the world.
I told my friend i was having a bad day, and he sent me this, hope it makes your day better too.
They call me bad luck am i?.
When you're dark and spooky but also very nice and cute.
They're not dangerous if you raise them right and neither are the dogs.
I need a baby panda in life.
When you get home and see your dog, and they see you and you're just happy to be together.
It's all real!.
I just want to be as cozy as this dog right now.
If puppies could talk i would never ever try to make human friends again.
This is the cutest picture i have ever seen!.
This is a pomsky. Half husky, half pomeranian. They stay this size.
Give your heart to dogs they will never break it!.
The most sincere smile you'll see. Don't leave without reacting.
I don't need love i need dogs!.
Babies are so lucky they can sleep all day and everyone loves them.
Here's a kitten dressed as a bat to brighten up your day.
Me anytime my pet falls asleep in a cute position.
World's the smallest dog.