A short story.
What kind of turtle is this.
When you're drunk and someone starts taking pictures.
Are you planning on having kids?.
You ever miss somebody else's dog? and you're like damn. I wonder how the dog is doing. I wonder if she's getting enough cuddles.
The purest love in the world is the one between grumpy dads and the pet they said they didn't want.
When you're stuck in a traffic jam but there's a dog in the car next to you.
My reaction when my best friend talks to me with respect.
Saw you petting the neighbors dog want to tell me what that's all about?.
The look on his face sells it. I got lost prowling for bitches have your people call my people.
If puppies could talk i would never ever try to make human friends again.
True story! how i see my dog. How my friends see my dog.
When your hair salon is closed but your dog groomer has a cancelation.
When you finish your exam but your friend is still writing.
Plot twist: maybe eating tacos wasn't cheating on my diet. Maybe going on a diet was cheating on my tacos.
Get up! get up! why? its morning! so? i'm so psyched to start the day and i can't do it without you.
Meme of egg that looks like dogs face.
Hypersomnia a condition where a person can sleep for 12-15 hours but still wake up feeling tired. Know anyone like this?.
Me anytime my pet falls asleep in a cute position.
World's the smallest dog.