How to sotre your alcohol safely.
Once you accept the fact that quest and margaritas taste better than being skinny, the second half of your life begins.
Doctor: how many drinks do you have a week? me: i don't know. I'm an alcoholic, not a fucking accountant.
When you're drunk and someone starts taking pictures.
Is it just me or does orange juice taste funny without champagne in it?.
Uh childhood lame if nvr do this ah sip it like liquor shot. Kids who did this shit back in the day are alcoholics now.
The recommended age to use a ouija board is years old so... You need to be 21 to drink alcohol but only 8 to summon demons?.
I can't drink like i used to me still in my 20s.
Me 20 minutes into the work day them i feel like getting drunk.
When your friend texts you how you're feeling? knowing damn well they bought you 10 shots last night.
A decision was made here...
My friend wrote this note to himself before going out last night to drunk steve, drink of water before then you can have please bottle bed the chicken wings fridge ps hanover thank was from you this steve sober steve you fuck artie sober steve what hang var steve a oil bitch.
Not eating all day so that can get drunk off 2 beers. It's called financial health look it up idiot.
Any drugs or alcohol? no, thanks, i'm already fucking wasted.
When your coworkers ask you what you're doing after work i'm relaxing, i'm getting blackout drunk. And you're leaving me alone.
I was asked for suggestions on improving morale at work
Me looking at how much i spend a month on food, liquor bullshit.
Life of first son vs life of second son.
My wife told me, take $30 and buy a christmas nativity scene. The rest you can spend in beer.
I think ill be following these two, jack daniel's coca-cola just in case i can help out if they crash.