Introduce your babe to your parents, not to us on social media, here we support breakup.
When i use my moms phone.
Moms reaction when you wake up early in the morning.
Did you know? you don't need to upload a picture with your mom to show that you love her. Instead, spend some time with her.
What's the wildest thing you threw at your sibling while fighting?.
Dad, act normal my crush is coming my dad:.
My grandma knitted these handle huggers and wants me to help sell them on the internet.
My daughter went to my husband and said, dad have you ever heard of pokemon? and i have never seen him so happy lol. He busted out all his old cards and is in full education mode.
My mom appreciating my sister for deleting games from my pc my sister who has deleted only desktop icons.
25 and unmarried how you look how relatives see you.
If a guy introduces you to his family, he won't cheat.
I thought having 80 cousins was normal. Mfs really be out here with cousins.
Your mom if an elephant chase you run in big tag if it is a snake chase run straight if it is a shark chase then run in land but, if it's your mom, i'm sorry she will find you, and she will hit you with her sandal.
Awesome moment helping my sister in searching her chocolate that i ate few hours ago.
This is my room what my mom thinks it looks like what i think it looks like how my mom describes it.
Parents: so what are you going to do with your life? me: it's a surprise.
You have to walk through this to save your siblings' life. Wyd?
When you your mom are having a funny conversation then conversation turns into lecture.
Me after fighting with my brother for hours, promised i won't talk to him until i die after 3 minutes:.
Relatives in your life be like.