When kids say you get paid this week right.
They're not dangerous if you raise them right and neither are the dogs.
As kids, we all turned into mechanics when this happened.
This is the cutest picture i have ever seen!.
What's the dumbest thing you did as a kid? Wished i was an adult. Tried to warn ya.
Today's kids i will never leave you me when i was 22 years old.
Am i the only one? starting off in a chair like: re ending up like:.
If you remember this, your childhood was awesome!.
8 Year old me where's the ocean?.
7-year-old kids today: iphones, ipads, airpods me when i was 7:.
Sleeping is hard in the summer because blankets are too warm but without blanket I'm vulnerable to monsters.
Kid takes of Wo from Women's bathroom and men attemps to enter it.
Babies are so lucky they can sleep all day and everyone loves them.
There are 2 types of kids tomorrow school again tomorrow searching for food again.
Me as a kid: 564+987=776 vs Me as an adult 10+5=15.
Me going to school because my mom didn't believe the story about heart attack in my kidney.
Todays kids will never know how to play minesweeper
12 yearold kids suffering for love me at that age i wanted to be a supersaiyajin.
Okay, this kid wins halloween.
How i sleep at night knowing i'm the black sheep of the family.