The only day that everyone loves you.
When everyone thinks you're mean but you're just out here spreading tough love i'm an intensive care bear.
Love is in the air me:.
12 yearold kids suffering for love me at that age i wanted to be a supersaiyajin.
First love teaches us what is love last love teaches us what is life.
What is love? love is the th sense of human that destroys all the six senses and make the person nonsense.
Epic! i love you to the moon and back the distance of the moon to earth km. If we ride a spacecraft we need a maintaining speed of. Kmhr speed dt, hrs hrs mathematically speaking you will only love me for 19 hours.
Fall in love with the person who enjoys your madness, not an idiot who forces you to be normal.
When you find someone who is as weird and crazy as you please stay with me, forever.
I don't need love I need this!.
When someone talks about true love.
I think i am in love triangle i love myself, myself loves me and i love me.
Tag that friend who falls in love every month.
Prove it but i love you.
Babies are so lucky they can sleep all day and everyone loves them.
Love is in the air