My boss arrived at work in a brand-new lamborghini. I said wow, that's an amazing car he replied: if you work hard, put all your hours in, and strive for excellence, i'll get another one next year.
I hate how your family stops giving money on your birthday as get older. Like i need it more now than i did when i was 7 susan i'm starving.
What i want vs what i can afford.
How they ask money from father daughters vs sons.
People collect all kinds of things nowadays. I'm collecting money. If you have any.old, new, wrinkled. Send it my way. I will add it proudly to my collection.
Car commercials that show a middle class husband buying his wife a car as a gift is so unrealistic. Its like hey honey, as a gift this year i made a huge financial decision without your approval, might want to look for a second job, merry christmas.
I need a huge amount of money.
I have four moods... Oversleeping overthinking overeating overspending.
Me: i'm thinking about taking a trip bank account: i highly suggest that trip be to work.
So tired of looking in my wallet and not seeing 20 thousand dollars.
Now this is a service i can get behind for $250.00 an hour i will pose as a couple therapist convince your loved one they are wrong about everything.
How can i transfer money that is in my mind to my bank account.
How girls spend for food vs how boys spend for food.
If lying was a job, i know some people that would be billionaires.
I need a reasonably paying job. Something like 2,000 an hour. Nothing too wild.
What career should you choose to get rich!! january: selling vegetables february: you were born rich march: cleaning april: selling meat may: you will never get rich june: writing july: selling flowers august: singing september: robbing a bank october: marrying a rich person november: beating your ex december: money will come to you.
Not eating all day so that can get drunk off 2 beers. It's called financial health look it up idiot.
Bitch you eating again? my debit card.
Current financial status:.