Me after all my bills have been paid this month... In terms of money we have no money.
Want to turn 40 into 400? put that 40 in your gas tank and take your stupid ass to work.
Truth or dare? what's your credit card number?.
I want to sleep for years and wake up with a degree, an apartment and money in the bank.
The it's only $5, why not buy it mentality has probably cost me like $10,000 at this point in my life.
Me: i just need to go to target for one thing cashier: your total is 273.89 me:.
Seaman wife and dog kidnapped by ninjas need money for karate lessons i really want my dog back.
It's been a rough week so far but on a positive note, i don't need bail money and i don't have any bodies to hide.
Stay here one month no internet no phone for 100k... Could you do it?.
Me looking at how much i spend a month on food, liquor bullshit.
I dont need to be stupid rich i just want to be change my oil when im supposed to rich.
I could be here but i am poor as shit.
Mentally i'm ready for xmas financially i'm not.
I'm not spending anything this paycheck days later account balance: 16.21.
Work until your bank account looks like a phone number: 9.11 available balance.
Is everything expensive or am i just poor?.
Bank teller: sir, your account is overdrawn. Me: so are your eyebrows.
Amazing lifehack if you sleep till lunchtime then you can save the breakfast money.
The money you have left after you pay your bills.
Next relationship i get into i'm going to need a $1,500 security deposits.