Why does star wars go 456123? because in charge yoda was.
I am wonder woman i wonder where i left my keys, i wonder where i put my purse, i wonder where my money went.
Why are you late? Heavy traffic. Is that my fault? Did i blame you.
Parents: so what are you going to do with your life? me: it's a surprise.
Never travel with this guy.
Finding friends with the same mental disorder as you... Priceless!.
You're dating somebody's ex. Somebody is dating your ex your ex is getting somebody's ex. In this life, we are all x men.
Am i ugly? god made no one ugly! but who the hell made you? thanks!.
My mom appreciating my sister for deleting games from my pc my sister who has deleted only desktop icons.
Raise your hands if you have bad habit of laughing at serious moments.
I don't always watch scary movies but when i do, i'm up till 2am watching disney princess movies to calm me down.
My friends' cat dressed as daryl from the walking dead.
A humorous Star Wars meme divided into four panels. The first panel shows Obi-Wan Kenobi with a blue lightsaber saying “Nice suit
The power rangers introducing themselves one by one the bad guys waiting for them to finish.
Parenting in public vs parenting at home.
Mr. Beans family expectation reality little.
Friend: can i use your netflix? it's not my account friend: whose account is it? sour i know a guy who knows a guy.
After all this time? Always.
Me trying to stay sleepy when i go to the bathroom at a.m.
Me an 11-year-old creating a nickname.