Behind everyone's favorite song there is an untold story.
I like a song. I download it. Furthermore, i listen to it a million of times then i hate it.
Color of your underwear + the last thing you ate = your band name.
Me: i can study with music, it helps me to concentrate me 10 minutes later:.
When your phone is charging, but you can't stay without songs.
How come when a house is haunted it's always a ghost from the 1700s? imagine a ghost from 2007 screaming its britney bitch at 3 am.
Still the best comment ever made on the internet.
Raise your hand if you can't go a day without music.
My brain phone numbers names school knowledge song lyrics.
Me explaining song i heard years ago only knowing the melody.
Just because he dated you for years it doesn't mean he will marry you. My uncle studied medicine for years he's now a dj.
You ever be sitting quietly, and your brain just go shakira, shakira.
I want to go back to the days when my biggest anxiety was stopping the cassette tape before the dj started speaking when recording the top 10.
Music becomes my best friend when nobody understands me.
Just because i can't sing doesn't mean i won't sing.
Ludicrous told me if you ain't got no money, take to broke ass home and i've been home ever since.
Finding the song on spotify it's just a playlist named with the song name.
Types of headaches: migraine
This is an image of a meme that provides a fun way to create a rapper name based on the first letter of your first and last name. The background features a blurred image of a rapper with a microphone. The main element is a list in white text on a black background
Last christmas, gave yamaha but the very next day, you gave it huawei.