If one day, i had an accident and i lost my memory, how are you going to make me remember you?.
How fast was the ostrich running when it hit the tree?
Color of your underwear + the last thing you ate = your band name.
When your shy friend finally gets a chance to sit beside his crush, and you look at him like.
Don't try to understand women understand women and they hate each other.
How to eat a popsicle in a room full of men.
I hate when i go out in public and other people are there too??? like what the fuck.
Just thought that i would let you know that you crossed my mind today. I was chasing you with a chainsaw.
I don't always walk the walk or even talk the talk, but if you ever need someone to drink the drink, i'm totally there for you.
When you're bonding with your pet and they hate you.
When the bread was baked monday tuesday thursday friday saturday.
Good acting vs best acting vs over acting.
I've cut down on my drinking, and now only have one vodka before going to bed. Last night i went to bed eight times.
I've been in 7 car accidents this year, y'all can't tell me god doesn't have a plan for me. Girl it sounds like he trying to kill.
Don't drink water after eating fish because drinking water may causes the fish to swim, and then you will feel gulugulu in your stomach.
When the speaker dies in the middle of my live performance in the shower.
Me after fighting with my brother for hours, promised i won't talk to him until i die after 3 minutes:.
Have you ever been so stressed that relaxing makes you more stressed because you're not working on what's making you stressed?.