They're not dangerous if you raise them right and neither are the dogs.
When kids say you get paid this week right.
Shout out to all the parents who never taught their kids respect and now they're stuck at home with the little shits!.
Future grandparents be like.
This is the fastest thing in the world. Opening these hands will have you questioning your own strength ...
Every mom on christmas morning watching you open presents:.
Yes mom ill be back at 11 me coming back at 3am:.
Dad with boy child vs dad with girl child.
Never forget the hand that raised you.
Once i became a parent i finally understood the scene where yoda gets so tired of answering luke's questions he just dies.
Pray that my child understands math bc i won't be no help after elementary.
When i'm a parent, i'll never compare my kids to other kids, because that shit hurts.
There's so much more to fishing than just catching.
Parenting in public vs parenting at home.
Don't start with me
Sold the house and bought an rv kids can't move back home if they can't find it.
Poop before or after diaper change? ...or during!.
Being a mom means mastering how to sleep on the edge of the bed.
Feeling guilty about your kid watching too much t.v.? just mute it and put the captions on. Boom now they're reading. Modern problems require modern solutions.
Respect your parents they passed school without google.