The only day that everyone loves you.
Appreciate a men effort, sometimes you just don't know what they had to go through just to keep you happy.
I was born intelligent. Exams made me stupid.
Life those few seconds of happiness life.
Some people just act like they're trying to help you and some people try to act like they just need your help.
There are 2 types of kids tomorrow school again tomorrow searching for food again.
You're not ugly you're just poor.
Dear girls, if you fail in love donut end your life because he might get another girlfriend but your father won't get a princess like you.
Mom, can you pls stop growing older? because i'm scared of losing you.
When i'm a parent, i'll never compare my kids to other kids, because that shit hurts.
While you are crying for new branded shoes someone still dreams for your old one.
Meet lulu the saddest cat in the world.
Meme that shows a boy being sad becouse his mom was gone.
True! Most people i know...