Write a number that is less than. How do you know your number is less than chapter resources because i am smart i love it! give this kid a medal!
When you don't know the answer to an exam question, but you refuse to leave it blank.
Me as a kid: 564+987=776 vs Me as an adult 10+5=15.
Teacher me waiting to ask my teacher something another teacher.
When the teacher is punishing your friend for something you did.
First day in school last day in school we came with fear of not knowing anybody leave with tears after knowing everybody.
Friend: you have failed in english exam me: unpossible.
Respect your parents they passed school without google.
This was the hardest decession of the 90's kids.
If i was the teacher, i'd give this kid an a! defend your answer. Answer sarge i dona know how much longer we can hold them!.
A hand-drawn image of a triangle labeled “The 3Gs” at the top and “Choose two” at the bottom. Each point of the triangle represents a different “G”: Gaming (accompanied by a laughing face emoji)
When you finish your exam but your friend is still writing.
Your style of hanging bag in school was?
Nothing is more painful than being separated from the person you had planned to copy on exam.
Entire class: answer is 69 me: answer is 37 teachers: he is right entire class:.
Group projects help me understand why batman works alone.
Principal watching from the window me making noise and disturbing the class.
That look you give your best friend when teachers say find a partner.
An image of a blackboard with a math problem written in white chalk. The problem consists of three equations and a question mark. The equations are “1 + 4 = 5”
My face. When i'm the only one to answer the question correctly in class.