In shanghai, if you go to dinner alone, they put baymax at the table to keep you company.
If you want to change the world, do it while you're single once you're married you can't even change the tv channel.
Single, because why let someone else ruin your life when you're perfectly capable of doing it on your own.
When i was young i wanted to be married by 23. Let's all laugh together.
When your crush looks at you for 3 seconds. Don't do that. Don't give me hope.
70 Years in ice vs 20 years with wife.
Did you know? tog if you don't get a girlfriend before 22, you'll die single.
Honestly i'm probably single because... I never forwarded those chain messages in 2008.
And i'm still singles.
People my age vs me.
Aapart from going out and becoming an alcoholic what else is there to do when you're single.
Romeo died cause of juliet, jack died cause of rose stay single if you want to live!.
My future wife somewhere praying that i should not date any girl, i think god is answering her prayers.
Asked my heart, why i can't sleep at night? heart replied because you slept in the afternoon, don't act like you're in love.
Why i'm single part 627 hey. I can't sleep hey? i can. Goodnight.
Me looking for someone who genuinely has feelings for me won't waste my time.
I can't wait to get married, so i can bring home unnecessary stuff and get yelled at for it.
People with pets vs people in relation vs me.
Things i'm good at: being single overeating.
25 and unmarried how you look how relatives see you.