When you see this on street, you have seconds to decide on being a civilized citizen or test your free kick skills.
World's the longest arm.
Me when i see a cockroach fly vs me when it starts flying.
Find someone who completes you!.
Epic girl: baby can speak italian? because you like watching their soccer so attentively. Boy: yeah i understand everything. Girl: mm mmm can you speak a little of italian so that i hear you? boy: name tutti messi ancelotti piero mauldin di natalie monte. Girl: wow! what does that mean? boy: in all days as long as am i breathing you will remain in my heart. Girl: thank you, jack, i love you so much my guardian angel. Boy: bagatelle girl:mmm and what does that one mean? boy:i love you too. Girl:awwwwwww!!!!.
Watching football.