I am a texter. Please do not facetime or call me. I will watch the phone ring.
Like if this ever happened to you.
That annoying moment when you are texting someone and auto correct decides to join the conversation.
Oh sorry for the unsolicited deck pic. That was for someone else
When you accidentally open a message you never wanted to reply, and now it shows seen.
Girlfriend online a am today a am am what? ???? am ... Am what do you want to say? do you never understand me! you don't love me anymore. You have changed. Bye.
Epic! i love you to the moon and back the distance of the moon to earth km. If we ride a spacecraft we need a maintaining speed of. Kmhr speed dt, hrs hrs mathematically speaking you will only love me for 19 hours.
This image features a humorous misunderstanding between a mother and her child. The main elements include a white shirt hanging on a clothesline with two white pegs
When someone blocks you, while you are still typing!.
Proposing like a boss what is the missing vowel? a, e, ?, o, what is the opposite word of hate? love what is the opposite of me? you i love you too.
Me my crush and her friends the message i sent.
When you're trying to spell a big word and your phone is just as dumb as you and won't help you out.
I'm the kind of friend who would run to your house with pizza at 4am if you're sad but also forget to reply to your messages for months.
Savage level pro why aren't you attending my calls then explain! i can explain i like my ringtone gif.
Hey do you have anxiety prime? amazon
April fool prank gone wrong! I love you babe. iloveyoutoo. But let's breakup now. why babe?.. please don't do that. Babe are you serious? please don't do that..Please..Haha April Fool's...Massage not deliverd.
The world is fucked i swear what's wrong you have to explain something because i'm baffled and upset like really upset okay tell me why the fuck is there a D in fridge, but not in refrigerator.
Why i'm single part 627 hey. I can't sleep hey? i can. Goodnight.
I love you. I have a boyfriend. You are so beautiful you deserve 2 boyfriend.
There are two types of people.