Stay here one month no internet no phone for 100k... Could you do it?.
This is namibia, where desert meets ocean.
This is not a painting this is a real bamboo forest in japan.
When i finally get home from a long trip and shit in my own toilet.
Never travel with this guy.
When you promised her a world tour for honeymoon.
Welcom turist we spik inglish! Waw gret inglis.
Me: i really want to travel. Bank account: like... To the backyard?
When you return from vacation try to remember how to do your job.
I could be here but i am poor as shit.
Unplanned trips are best because planned trips never happen.
Just leave me here ill be fine.
Hate making plans ppl in advance. Like idk if in days from now if i'll want to be social or wrapped up in a blanket cocoon on the couch.
I need a vacation and by vacation i mean i need to move away and find a new job on a beach with beer.
Me: i'm thinking about taking a trip bank account: i highly suggest that trip be to work.
I need a long vacation someone please kidnap me.
What i want vs what i can afford.
The reason why you must not postpone travel plans till retirement.
Don't marry save money travel the world.
The most important travelling kit...