Made coffee with red bull today im able to see sounds now.
10 things i want in my life: 1. Dogs 2. More dogs 3. Dog friends for my dogs 4. A big house for all my dogs 5. Money for dogs. 6. Dogs 7. A husband who loves dogs 8. A big car for dogs 9. A field for my dogs 10. Dogs.
When you're about to say something but then decide it's not worth the effort.
Probably the only lillian who was loved more than the hero i find your lack of knowledge disturbing.
Remember this scene? who are you? no not me, you! are you deaf? corsican emb i'm not blind. You blind tree you. Yes, i'm you. no, you is blind. That is what i just said!.
Who else sleeps like this? bottom arm under pillow bottom leg stretched out straight chilling top arm supporting face top leg bent over in humping position for comfort.
Claps for all those people who sleep late at night and wake up too early in the morning.
Every time...
Just because he dated you for years it doesn't mean he will marry you. My uncle studied medicine for years he's now a dj.
Thanks for the sign i was about to jump into the toilet.
When your best friend calls for help.
When facebook memories keep reminding you of your ex, bad decisions, and how skinny you used to be.
Me an 11-year-old creating a nickname.
I've been in 7 car accidents this year, y'all can't tell me god doesn't have a plan for me. Girl it sounds like he trying to kill.
People who use a lot of swear words tend to be more honest and trustworthy, human behavioral studies suggest.
Normal people: 1 episode per night me: 1 season per night.
Things i make jokes about appropriate topics tv shows stuff i see on the internet that's what she said serious matters that should never be joked about and are part of the reason i'm going to hell.
When someone blocks you, while you are still typing!.
Me overthinking like...
Are you planning on having kids?.