I bet you'll look twice.
Admit it without this emoji, our conversation is incomplete.
School we join crying. We leave crying.
When your circle is small but you are all crazy fucks.
If you don't fight with your best friend. He is not your best friend.
It's been one of those days for about 7 months now and i'm not even exaggerating.
My hobbies include staying up until 2 am for no reason and being exhausted the next day.
This guy cut me off, but i decided to let it slide...
Me too, you ain't special. Did you know? know blue whales can eat half a million calories in a single mouthful.
What is resting bitch face resting bitch face syndrome is when somebody is relaxing, listening to another speak, driving, pushing a grocery cart, or otherwise mellow, but their facial expression is semimurderous. They look annoyed, angry, frustrated, irritated, or pissed. They look like their partner cheated on them, their dog shat on the floor or their kid puked on their boss at a company party when in reality they're perfectly happy, they just happen to be a victim of resting bitch face syndrome.
When you're at work and everyone is in a good mood and energetic and you're just sitting there looking at them like:.
A rare piicture of human walking in space.
Sleeping is hard in the summer because blankets are too warm but without blanket I'm vulnerable to monsters.
Kids be like. Do you have games in your mobile?.
People who are unable to hear people who don't want to hear.
When you slap your little brother, and he starts to cry.
Thinking of you.
I eat cake because its somebody's birthday somewhere.
Whenever i try to study, check me.
My friend boyfriend just called me looking for her, i told him she was sleep on my couch drunk i said you want me to wake her up? he said she right here, i was proving to her that all her friends liars i was still in character tho i'm like well who tf on my couch.